PressSecond Electronics Home: Argentina’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show

Electronic Home, Argentina’s largest B2B trade shaow for consumer electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, and IT, is being held for the second time in Buenos Aires, at the Costa Salguero Center. The fair will run until this Wednesday, August 7th.

The purpose of the fair is to introduce new technologies and products for the home, promote new business, strengthen ties between manufacturers, distributors and buyers from across the country and region, and ensure direct access to international brands. At the event, the industry’s leading companies, customers, buyers, distributors, importers, exporters and e-commerce representatives met for the second time.

The trade show featured diversified variety of product categories such as refrigerators, televisions and home theaters, health and wellness, lighting, audio and video, computing, games, personal care and beauty, household appliances, home furnishings, mobile and telecommunications, wearables and automotive.

The program also featured the Electronics Home Congress, which was attended by leading industry experts, who addressed topics such as the latest product trends, the advancement of e-commerce, new payment platforms, commerce 4.0 and consumer behavior.

Major national and international brands exhibited their products, including Boss, Drean, Briket, Ormay, Winco, Singer, Florencia, Dibra, Honda, Nakan, Aurora, Stromberg, KAZ, General Electric, Honeywell, Imetec, Codini, Lenor, Loriel, Metalfranch, Morelli, Petri, Volcan, Zonatec, Energizer, Usman, Patriot, Olmo Haro, Tas Eme, Spica, Black&Decker, Aspen, Llamada Ip, Columbia, Koh-i-noor, Bellisima, Kanji, Okey, Garmin, Kingston, Sanyo, Noblex, Philco, Decansar, Genius, Rheem, Suzika, Bicicletas Futura, Llanos Aceros, Glama, De Longhi, Orbis, Yelmo, Ultracomb, Maxtrend, Max-You, BBQGRILL, Crown Mustang, Microbell, Motorola, Moonki, Net One, Remington, Saiar, Sedilog, Whirlpool, Metaúrgica Crivel, Watches, Lapaty, Energy, Mercosur, Colchones, Taurus, Wehause, TCL/Radio Victoria, Quality Plastic, Embassy, Durafort, Faraón, Sodastream, Sol de Verano e Pick Nik.

Electronics Home Argentina was institutionally supported by the Argentine Federation of Home and Related Products Trade (FACAHOGAR), Argentine Chamber of Gas Artifact Manufacturers (CAFAGAS), Chamber of Appliance Manufacturers (CAFED), Chamber of Industries of Durable and Consumer Goods, Argentina Chamber of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industries (CAIRAA) and Chamber of Manufacturers of Ventilators, Stoves and Irons (CAFAVEP).